Apelon DTS 3.5 Installation

Apelon DTS 3.5 Installation

The following is a quick guide to installing Apelon DTS on Ubuntu from the command line for MySQL.

  • Download Apelon DTS and extract the archive: e.g.
    cd /opt/
    sudo mkdir apelon-dts-3.5-linux
    cd apelon-dts-3.5-linux
    sudo tar -zxf apelon-dts-
    • It's convenient to change to the apelon-dts-3.5-linux/bin directory and run
      sudo sh makeScriptsExecutable.sh
      to make all the DTS scripts in the bin directory executable
  • Setup the database
    • If MySQL is not yet installed:
      sudo apt-get install mysql-server
    • Create a user in MySQL for DTS, either through a program such as MySQL Workbench, or using the commands
      mysql> create user 'dts'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
      mysql> grant all privileges on *.* to 'dts'@'localhost' with grant option;
    • Edit the MySQL config file /etc/mysql/my.conf and add the following lines under the section titled [mysqld]
      and restart mysql afterwards
    • Create a new database for DTS in MySQL:
      mysql> create database dts;
    • The next step is to create the DTS schema using the schema creation tool:
      • in apelon-dts-3.5-linux/bin/kb, edit the files named source-connection.xml and target-connection.xml, and ensure that the connection properties are setup for mysql
      • run the utility located in the folder apelon-dts-3.5-linux/bin/kb/create
  • Now run the dts server (from within apelon-dts-3.5-linux/bin)
    sudo ./dts.sh start

And that's it. DTS should now be up and running. If you get stuck, you can also consult the more comprehensive documentation available at http://apelon-dts.sourceforge.net/documents.html.

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This script can be used to create a dump of the MySQL database in use by DTS.

To restore MySQL using a backup, simply execute the following command:

mysql dts -u dts --password=password < backup.sql

where backup.sql is the unzipped backup file.