Backup and Restoration

Backup and Restoration


The deployment procedures for the TS involves deploying two components, the Apelon DTS and the Jembi TS web browser, the deployment process can be found at the following links.

Data backup and Recovery

The data stored on the Terminology Service doesn’t get updated very often, so regular scheduled backups are not necessary. Backups need to be performed whenever terminology updates are made.

How to perform a database backup

The TS’s data can be backed up using the mysqldump command. The following script can be used for this task:
# This script connects to the localhost
# and dumps the Apelon DTS database into a gzipped file
# To extract the gzip, use the command: gzip -d <filename>

date=$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%Hh%Mm%Ss)

echo Starting Apelon DTS database backup

mysqldump -h localhost dts -u dts --password=password --routines | gzip -9 > $filename

echo Completed


Note that a copy of this script already exists on the server.

Restoring a database backup

To restore the TS’s data, find the latest backup script and run the following command:

mysql dts -u dts --password=password < backup.sql

Where backup.sql is the name of this latest backup script.